My research is generously supported by NSF, USDA, Morgan Stanley, NEC Labs America, Travelers, UConn Foundation, and UConn OVPR.

The following projects are active:

Role Source Project (Active) Time
PI NEC Labs America Gift Fund 2023.9 - 2023.12
PI Morgan Stanley Gift Fund 2023.9 - 2024.8
Co-PI NSF Collaborative Research: CNS: CORE: Small: Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning for Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks 2022.4 - 2025.3
Co-PI USDA-NIFA DSFAS-CIN: Harnessing Mobility Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Through a Transdisciplinary Research Network in Food Production, Processing, and Consumption Systems 2022.1-2025.12
Co-PI USDA-NIFA Evaluating the Impact of Preferential Trade Agreements on Agricultural and Food Trade: New Insights from Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning 2022.1-2025.12

The following projects have been successfully finalized.

Role Source Project (Finalized) Time
PI NEC Labs America Gift Fund 2022.1 - 2022.12
PI Morgan Stanley Gift Fund 2022.9 - 2023.8
Co-PI Travelers Change and Damage Detection from Aerial Images 2021.8-2023.2
PI UConn OVPR UConn Scholarship Facilitation Fund Award 2022
PI UConn OVPR UConn Research Excellence Program Award 2021.5-2023.8